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   “Where women come home to the beauty that is uniquely theirs.”


Linguere Noir is a lifestyle blog that is home to a community of women on the rise. In work. In fashion. In style. In beauty. In ourselves.

We are women creating a safe space where we can empower ourselves and each other by sharing beauty tips, style ideas, fitness motivation, holistic wellness, and more. We are women who know that true beauty is more than skin deep—and that how we care for our skin (and our hair and our whole bodies) can be an outward reflection of our inner beauty. We are women dedicated to reaching our full potential across the many facets of our lives—and we know that our best selves show up best—together.

Linguere Noir is offered up by a circle of young professional women of color, but our vision for beauty and wholeness embraces all women who join us in aspiring to become the best versions of ourselves.

By presenting informative and inspirational articles, featuring quality products, and hosting a forum for your conversations, we will foster the community we need so we can reach our fullest potential. Where it is as safe to lament as to laugh, as easy to discuss work as to talk fashion, as normal to be curious as to be creative. Where our flaws and insecurities can be held with as much love as our strengths and joys.

Linguere Noir means “Royal Elegance.” With it we name the vessel of beauty—that is us. And that is you.

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